Sunday, May 24, 2009

Style inspiration: Florence & The Machine

I just discovered this singer and I love her, she's an amazing singer! She also has amazing style!
This is clearly shown in these 2 music videos:

"Rabbit Heart (Raise it up)" : the lyrics are extremely poignant, I love the overall ethereal look and the clothes are gorgeous!

"Kiss with a First" : A very fun song, I very desperately want her flower top and her purple skirt. Very, very badly. ;)

I can't wait until their debut cd comes out! (I'm assuming it hasn't, considering "Rabit Heart (Raise it up)" is coming out on June 21st, I might be wrong).



  1. I'm sure I've heard of them somewhere before but I've never actually listened to any of their songs before now. I quite like it, love the first video.

  2. The first video is my favourite of the 2, it's so lovely!

  3. She's breathtaking! I love her hair color. I happened to stumble upon your blog, and it's quite lovely! Your banner is beautiful!

  4. Penelope: Her hair is amazing. Honestly.
    Thanks so much! <3 the banner is actually from a livejournal community, .

  5. :) I can´t yet decide how much I like her. I definately don´t deslike her music, but I don´t love it is enjoyable though.

    As for her, yes, she has my sympathy. I like the first video!