Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Style Inspiration: Grace Kelly in "To Catch a Thief" (1955)

My 2nd style inspiration is, as you can see from the entry title, GRACE KELLY!
I've only seen her in one movie but she's still one of my favourite actresses - I was so impressed with her (and every other aspect of this movie) when I watched To Catch a Thief! One of the amazing aspects is, of course, the clothes. Unfortunately, this movie is underrated and unpopular, so there aren't that many good pictures, but here are pictures of my favourite looks:

(click on the picture to see a bigger and clearer version of it)
- The dress on the bottom that looks white is actually pink.
- I love all of the vibrant colours, especially on the top left picture of the blue dress! I'm also a fan of the scarves draped across to the back like it is in that picture.
- I want the yellow bathing suit she's wearing. Really badly.
- I really want the hat she's wearing when she's wearing the black and white outfit.
- I want the pink scarf she's wearing.
Hmmmm, I'm quite greedy, aren't I? Oh well.

Here's the trailer for the movie. Have I mentioned that I love the movie? Hehe.



  1. This movie is great! I love her style. You have a very cute blog. I just started mine too. Come by and check it out, maybe follow too.

    Love the blog layout :)

  2. Love the blue dress GK's wearing

  3. gingeyginge: isn't the dress absolutely amazing?!
    Thanks for the comment! :)