Saturday, June 20, 2009

Sewing Trouble + Mascara giveaway!

Hey lovelies!
The mascara giveaway is here at Fashionista 514. The giveaway is a maybelline pulse perfection mascara, the tube is really pretty ^^.

I would definitely want this mascara in the hopes that it will actually work! I have long eyelashes and they're dark (and beautiful, if I do say myself *bats eyelashes*) but a bit flat and even if they're 'voluminous' they can get a bit clumpy at the outer corners of my eyes and no other mascara seems to fix that, so I'm hoping to be able to try this one :). It's also a motivation to (finally) put contacts on! You see, since my eyelashes are insanely long if I make them longer the mascara will smudge onto my glasses (or my eyelashes will just continuously hit my glasses, which is also a bad thing). Thus, contacts! AKA nothing blocking my eyes! Problem is that no matter how many times I've tried I can't get the contacts in my eyes (which may have something to do with my eyelashes being in the way, but who knows). However, I'm thinking if maybe I have tangible motivation that might actually work I might be more determined! :)

Now I don't wear mascara at all (bad experiences...) I'm not really sure what kind of look would actually look good on me. However, I think I would try and go for this kind of look:For that look I would use a) mascara, a tinytiny bit of black eyeshadow on my lids (applied as eyeliner) with b) a pink-red lipgloss, I'm thinking this lipgloss I have from Lipfusion called "Bloom" or this dark pink lipgloss from Nivea that I think is called Rasberry (the name was only on the package which I threw out a while ago), c) I'd also put on a little bit of blush ;), d) my hair in waves or loose curls.

I could also go with this look:

I would use a) mascara, multiple layers of it, and b) Clinique lipstick in "sugar poppy" under a bright red lipgloss from Nivea that also doesn't have a name, c) loose and big curls.

One last look that would look good is:

No matter how crazy Brigitte Bardot was, I really loved her hair and makeup. For this look, all I would need is a)mascara with a bit of black eyeliner on, applied thinly closer to the inner corners and thicker closer to the outer corners, b) my bronzer/blush, which is really Hard Candy liquid blush in honey (or something like that, the name got scratched off over time), c) a bit of barely there nude/clear lipgloss, like another Nivea lipgloss I have, which is also nameless, but a kind of beige-y baby pink colour that (on me) looks kind of clear-ish, d) relaxed, no-fuss hair that looked a bit like the bedhead look but more sophisticated. Waves, I guess.

Does anyone here use a "Europro computerized sewing machine"? If you do, could you help me out? I got my sewing maching about 2 years ago for my birthday and it still doesn't work! There's something different that's wrong everytime... *sigh*.
If you can help, please tell me and I can either e-mail you a full description of what's wrong, or I can message you, or write a post about it here...


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  1. i really like your blog. i think its so adorable. i love the fact that you put makeup tips on your blog.

    - taylor